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This portal is for all Malayalee suitors who are in search of right life partner. With over a decade of experience in matrimony we launch the new site “Marriage 4 Kerala Matrimony’’ with an intention to enhance the match-making experience for Malayalees across the world. State-of-the-art web portal is indeed a wedding of tradition and the technology.
We believe in the sacredness of marriages. It is the very basement on witch the society is build upon. Right nuptial match makes a better family, which intern will build a better society and thus a better country. Your search for a good life partner begins here. We provide you with all the help and support needed to find the most suitable match for you or your loved ones
Very user friendly interface will ensure easy navigation through the website. FAQ section is provided to clarify any doubts you may have during the search or registration. Also you can contact us through e-mail: mail@Malayali

Wish you a peaceful journey.