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Contacting & Responding to Members on Malayali


Contacting Members on Malayali is FREE. You can contact Members that you like by Expressing Interest in their Profiles. These Members will receive an Interest from you, in their Malayali Inbox and will additionally receive a notification as well. These Members can choose to respond to your Interest by Accepting or Declining it.
As a Premium Member on Malayali you can send a “Emails�, i.e. along with your Interest, you can post your Profile on the Member’s Wall and send an Email with your Profile to the Member.
Members who Express Interest in you, will appear in your Inbox. We recommend that your respond to these Interests by Accepting or Declining them. Accepting an Interest indicates that you agree to communicate with the Member. Declining an Interest indicates that you are not interested in the Member and do not wish to communicate any further.
While the Customer Relations team of Malayali strives to facilitate matrimony between its Members, the team is not authorised to contact Members on your behalf. You may want to consider the Personalize service where a team of experts manage your Profile on your behalf.